Alarm over increasing cases of asthma among students in Nigeria


As Nigeria continue to battle with emerging diseases, experts in the health sector have raised concerns over increasing cases of asthma among students, saying adequate nutrition would help prevent diseases such as ulcer and asthma among others.

Mrs. Olaide Folahan, Head of Department, HOD, Nutrition and Dietetics Department at the College of Health Technology, Ilese-Ijebu, Ogun state; said this during a one- day seminar dubbed “Dietary management of ulcer and Asthma.”

The seminar convened by the Nutrition and Dietetics Student Association, NUDSA, of the college was geared at addressing the increasing cases of asthma and ulcer among students which in most cases disrupt their academic activities.

Folahan attributed the high cases of asthma and ulcer in students in schools on failure of the students to observe properly to feeding instructions.

“When people, especially students who reside in campuses follow right nutrition, incessant rise of these attacks will reduce.

Giving the example of a student who suffered an asthma attack during one of the school’s semester examination, she said the student narrowly escaped succumbed to the disease. “When she was taken to the school’s clinic, it was discovered that the student violated basic nutritional guidelines for asthma patients that included avoiding too much consumption of oily foods and fast foods. This student would have died if she was not urgently attended to.”

The nutritionist noted that if everyone observes proper dietary eating proper life style, cases of people, particularly parents spending on their children’s health will reduce. “If a mother knows the right nutrition for her child, instead of spending N5000 regularly on drug, she can actually spend less, when the child is properly fed because good nutrition does not cost much, but lack of nutrition is far expensive to treat,” she noted.


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