The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board has finally allowed doctors, dentists and health institutions to advertise their services.

The practitioners can now put up adverts in radio, television, newspapers, billboard or online as long as the services are offered in Kenya.

However, the practitioners are prohibited by the board from using middle-men or intermediaries as a means of attracting more business because this would amount to “professional touting”.

According to a gazette notice dated July 22 by Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu, the advertisements should not contain content that tend to patients of achieving a particular outcome.

The advertisement should also not give any promise that failure to get the purported outcome promised shall attract a waiver of the fees for the health institute or practitioner.

Apart from being accurate, respectful and objective the adverts should not give information that “is likely to create unrealistic or unwarranted expectations about the effectiveness of the health services offered”.

The adverts must also exclude the identities and names of patients and should not attempt to denigrate other health institution or practitioners and does not violate patient confidentiality.

The adverts should also not use the Red Crescent and Red Cross or any other copyrighted signs; or use photographs images, names and diagrams, which may be misleading to the public.

The medical board further prohibits arranged referrals where commission or otherwise is arranged or paid.



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